VitalityOne was created with one simple purpose – to provide clients with the information and tools they need to live a healthier lifestyle.  Our initial efforts were directed at modalities that would help clients lose weight and then from there we gradually incorporated treatments and therapies with an aesthetic slant to improve self esteem.  As businesses and ideas age, refinement occurs and we have gradually come to appreciate and understand the importance of and the connection between lifestyle, food, physical and mental health, your gut, brain and cardiovascular system.   It is my belief that without addressing the insults that our bodies are handed every day, it is futile to throw medications at hypertension, obesity, diabetes, thyroid disease, hormonal balance, and more.

I have practiced medicine for over 20 years.  In these twenty or so years I have worked in many health care environments including primary care clinics and hospitals, emergency rooms, operating rooms and specialty clinics.  While quality of care and legitimate concern for patients is evident in the majority of these settings, the only truly common theme in modern medicine is WE DO NOT TREAT PATIENTS UNTIL THEY ARE SICK.  Can hypertension be caught early or even predicted? Can diabetes be seen coming like a freight train? If you look at family history and life styles of certain patients, can cancer be reasonably expected?   It is my belief that the answer to all of these questions is yes!  There are ways to address small problems before they are big problems.  There are investigational studies that let us peek under the hood of what we THINK is a perfectly tuned machine.  The future of modern medicine is knowing and treating before the monster is in the room – stay tuned.